Facebook page news auto-poster

So you have learned a bit about machine learning and web crawling. Now you are excited to build something simple yet still useful. What can you make? Here is one idea. Let’s say you managed a Facebook Page for your business or community and want to regularly post relevant news or articles from the internet…. Read More

Compiling, deploying and calling Ethereum smartcontract using Python

We use Python 3.5.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 with setup below: pip3 install web3==4.7.2 py-solc==3.2.0 python3 -m solc.install v0.4.24 export PATH=”$PATH:$HOME/.py-solc/solc-v0.4.24/bin” The core packages are: web3 : official python interface to interact with Ethereum blockchain py-solc: official python wrapper for solc (solidity compiler). Hence solc needs to be installed (covered in setup above) To compile a solidity… Read More

Sign Ripple transaction locally using ripple-lib-java

Since rippled 1.1.0 disables public signing by default, we either need to host our own API server or sign Ripple transaction locally. Fortunately, ripple-lib-java gives clue on how to do this in one of its example. Long story short, we can use this simple method to do the signing: import java.math.BigDecimal; import com.ripple.core.types.known.tx.txns.Payment; import com.ripple.core.types.known.tx.signed.SignedTransaction;… Read More

Existing PHP catches and bugs

I will keep updating this post as part of note whenever I find another catch and bug in PHP. I hope it can help beginner PHP developers (like me) out there to escape hours of confusion and stress .. ? PUT multipart/data bug As explained by this open bug (since 2011), when you submit a multipart/data… Read More