Deployment automation with ShipIt

Automatic deployment is an essential part of continuous integration (CI). But sometimes full-fledged CI tools/services — like Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, or Travis-CI — are overkill for simple or personal projects. That’s where deployment automation tools like ShipIt shines. ShipIt is not the only automation tool. There are Capistrano (Ruby), Envoy (PHP), Fabric (Python), and, Gradle +… Read More

Single command deploying Laravel 5.x to Ubuntu VPS with Envoy

In case you are not familiar with Laravel Envoy, this is a short description from Laravel doc: Laravel Envoy¬†provides a clean, minimal syntax for defining common tasks you run on your remote servers. Using Blade style syntax, you can easily setup tasks for deployment, Artisan commands, and more. Currently, Envoy only supports the Mac and… Read More