Compiling, deploying and calling Ethereum smartcontract using Python

We use Python 3.5.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 with setup below: pip3 install web3==4.7.2 py-solc==3.2.0 python3 -m solc.install v0.4.24 export PATH=”$PATH:$HOME/.py-solc/solc-v0.4.24/bin” The core packages are: web3 : official python interface to interact with Ethereum blockchain py-solc: official python wrapper for solc (solidity compiler). Hence solc needs to be installed (covered in setup above) To compile a solidity… Read More

Node.js – smart contract integration with truffle-contract and

While running your own Ethereum node with geth by using web3js from node.js (backend) app is a common solution, connecting to a public Ethereum node such as and using [truffle-contract](] gives some benefits: No need to maintain your own Ethereum node (syncing a full node requires huge storage space! (around 40 GB for Ropsten))… Read More