Sign Ripple transaction locally using ripple-lib-java

Since rippled 1.1.0 disables public signing by default, we either need to host our own API server or sign Ripple transaction locally. Fortunately, ripple-lib-java gives clue on how to do this in one of its example. Long story short, we can use this simple method to do the signing: import java.math.BigDecimal; import com.ripple.core.types.known.tx.txns.Payment; import com.ripple.core.types.known.tx.signed.SignedTransaction;… Read More

Check balance and send Ripple (XRP) using Java

Update: As mentioned in here, since rippled 1.1.0 remote sign API is not allowed by default anymore. If you try to call it on wss:// you will get “Signing is not supported by this server” error. Check this post on how to sign transaction locally using Java Ripple (XRP) provides some options to interact with their… Read More