Keras VGG16 with different input shape

Featured image is from Update (June 19, 2019): Recently, I revisit this case and found out the latest version of Keras==2.2.4 and tensorflow-gpu==1.13.1 make customizing VGG16 easier. For example, we can use pre-trained VGG16 to fit CIFAR-10 (32×32) dataset just like this: X, y = load_cfar10_batch(dir_path, 1) base_model = VGG16(include_top=False, weights=vgg16_weights, input_shape=(32, 32, 3))… Read More

Accessing Laravel session from Ratchet

Ratchet is an awesome PHP-based websocket server framework. A good choice when you want to add real-time websocket-based features to your PHP-based web application without adding any additional technology. I personally use it on my (personal) MVP Laravel-based web application to keep it as monolithic as possible ? Since Ratchet has been around for awhile,… Read More

Single command deploying Laravel 5.x to Ubuntu VPS with Envoy

In case you are not familiar with Laravel Envoy, this is a short description from Laravel doc: Laravel Envoy¬†provides a clean, minimal syntax for defining common tasks you run on your remote servers. Using Blade style syntax, you can easily setup tasks for deployment, Artisan commands, and more. Currently, Envoy only supports the Mac and… Read More

Amazfit BIP multi-app activity sync

I’ve been using the the Amazfit BIP smartwatch for sometime now. In my opinion, if what you need is just a simple activity (running, walking, cycling) tracker so you can leave your phone at home, this is the best option. It does not have fancy look or functionality, but it has a working GPS, useful… Read More

Summary of “Chester: A Web Delivered Locally Computed Chest X-Ray Disease Prediction System” (2019)

Abstract Deep learning has shown promise to augment radiologists and improve the standard of care globally. Two main issues that complicate deploying these systems are patient privacy and scaling to the global population. To deploy a system at scale with minimal computational cost while preserving privacy we present a web delivered (but locally run) system… Read More