SIFT/SURF BoW for big number of clusters

If you spend some time browsing, there are some examples already available for Python SIFT/SURF bag of words (BoW) classifier in the internet. They use clustering (usually K-Means) to build dictionary of visual vocabularies (usually with sklearn or cv2 clustering library) of SIFT/SURF features. However, most of the sample codes that I found can’t properly… Read More

Simple music fingerprinting using Chromaprint in Python

Have you ever heard or even use service like Shazam? Cool, right? No, we are not going to make something as magical as it ? But using chromaprint we can create audio fingerprint so that we can do music search by using a music sample. Before we can use chromaprint python library, pyacoustid, we need to install chromaprint… Read More

Keras VGG16 flat-features extractor

Using pre-trained deep learning model as feature extractor is a proven way to improve classification accuracy. One of the famous model is Oxford’s VGG16, which is trained using million images to recognize 1,000 classes ranging from animals, vehicles and other stuffs. Now, to use VGG16 as part of another neural network is relatively easy, especially… Read More

Check balance and send Ripple (XRP) using Java

Update: As mentioned in here, since rippled 1.1.0 remote sign API is not allowed by default anymore. If you try to call it on wss:// you will get “Signing is not supported by this server” error. Check this post on how to sign transaction locally using Java Ripple (XRP) provides some options to interact with their… Read More