Hello WordPress!

Update: I gave up on the markdown plugin as it does not work as smooth as github’s. I also found better themes. Yes,  I can easily change my mind over trivial things ? So I got bored with ghost and decided to use WordPress for my blog. Luckily, I found a nice markdown plugin and an… Read More

Node.js – smart contract integration with truffle-contract and infura.io

While running your own Ethereum node with geth by using web3js from node.js (backend) app is a common solution, connecting to a public Ethereum node such as infura.io and using [truffle-contract](https://github.com/trufflesuite/truffle-contract] gives some benefits: No need to maintain your own Ethereum node (syncing a full node requires huge storage space! (around 40 GB for Ropsten))… Read More

Sending Bitcoin programmatically using BlockCypher API

BlockCypher provides convenient REST APIs to send cryptocurrency like Bitcoin easily. Here are two APIs that we can use to send Bitcoin from one address to another: 1. Build transaction skeleton https://api.blockcypher.com/v1/btc/test3/txs/new 2. Push signed transaction https://api.blockcypher.com/v1/btc/test3/txs/send Here are the step by steps of using those APIs in JavaScript (Node.js) in testnet3 Bitcoin network. First,… Read More

Deploying Laravel 5.4 project in shared-hosting with no SSH

Despite lack of compact guides in the internet, deploying Laravel 5.4 project in cheap shared hosting (with no SSH support) is actually quite simple. The steps are: 1.  Import database to the shared hosting’s database using available tool such as phpMyAdmin 2. Upload the content of public directory in your Laravel project to public area… Read More

Training NER model using Stanford Core NLP CRF Classifier

Named-Entity Recognition (NER) is one of the most popular NLP tasks. It’s popular because it produces annotation result that can be used directly (eg. extracting people name from text) or indirectly (eg. extracting feature for classification task). One of the easiest way to do it is by downloading and using latest Stanford Core NLP suite… Read More