Auto speech-to-text (Indonesian) with AWS Transcribe and Python

Amazon Web Service Transcribe provides API to automatically convert an audio speech file (mp3/wav) into a text (transcript). It supports not only English language but also Indonesian and several other languages. It even gives free 60 minutes/month for first 12 months transcription for first user. If you are using Python, then the good news is… Read More

Splitting video with ffmpeg and Python

I had a project to build a simple website that split uploaded video into parts that have same duration (except the last one if the division has remainder). Almost everyone in the internet suggest ffmpeg which is so far considered the best open-source swiss-army knife for video manipulation. After hours of browsing and trial-and-errors, I… Read More

Upwork Indonesia FAQ

Artikel ini merupakan rangkuman dari pertanyaan-jawaban yang sering muncul di grup Facebook Upworker Indonesia (sebelumnya Odesk Indonesia). Seiring dengan bertambahnya pertanyaan di grup tersebut, artikel ini juga akan terus saya perbaharui. Semoga membantu ? Q: Profil saya ditolak. Bagaimana caranya supaya bisa diterima?A: Jika Upwork belum menerima profil Anda, kemungkinannya adalah antara profil Anda belum… Read More

Upwork FAQ

This post is an English version of this post. Even though the post was meant for Indonesian audience, I decided to post this version to benefit larger audience as well ? Q: My profile is rejected. What can I do to get approved?A: If Upwork hasn’t approved your profile, it means either your profile wasn’t… Read More

Offline data sync design patterns

Featured image by krzysztof-m from Pixabay In order to provide seamless experience to client-server application’s users, sometimes we need to allow them to access some of the data on the client side, even when the connection to the server is unavailable. One of the most common use case is allowing users to read/update some data in an online… Read More