Get Unverified SSL Certificate Expiry Date with Python

Getting verified SSL information with Python (3.x) is very easy. Code examples for it are also scattered everywhere in the internet. This is one of the example where only few lines required with only built-in libraries (socket and ssl): The getpeercert() function returns a map that contains a lot of information from the SSL certificate,… Read More

Spring Data Couchbase 4 Multibuckets in Spring Boot 2

By default, Spring Data Couchbase implements single-bucket configuration. In this default implementation, all POJO (Plain Old Java Object) models/documents will be stored in a single bucket. This is possible, because Couchbase is a NoSQL database which can store schemaless data. To differentiate between type of documents, Spring Data adds _class field that contains the fully-qualified… Read More

Firebase Auth Emulator with Python

Last year, Google released Firebase Auth Emulator as a new component in Firebase Emulator. In case you haven’t heard, Firebase Emulator allows you to run/test a bunch of Firebase services in your local machine, namely: Auth Firestore Realtime Database Functions Hosting PubSub ⚠️ Now before you get too hyped, I need to remind you that… Read More

Google OIDC token generation/validation

One of the authentication protocol that is supported by most of Google Cloud services is OpenID Connect (OIDC). For instance, you can secure communication between a Cloud Task and HTTP-triggred Cloud Function using it quite easily. You just need to pass service account email when submitting Cloud Task job and make sure you keep the… Read More

Fast geolocation query with PostGIS

If you need to to add a spatial information querying in your application, PostGIS is one of the most popular solution. Simply because it is well-proven, open source, and running on top of everyone’s favorite open source SQL database — PostgreSQL. PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. In this post,… Read More